Author Earnings is Out! What Data Guy Has To Say About Indie/Self-Published Authors

I am excited about this new report from Data Guy who gave his report on industry data at DBW 2017. The reason why Author Earnings is so important because it has become the only accessible source of industry data that actually documents the indie/self-published sector. He gets data from other authors (and does some site crawling, I believe as well) and with his partner, bestselling author Hugh Howey, share their findings free! This covers fiction and non fiction genres.

The whole thing is wonderful. Here are some points:


After many people declaring that digital will kill print, print is back and growing! While there are still bookstores around, which is great, over 40% of print books are sold online. Amazon is definitely taking this cue as they are now offering more streamlined print-on-demand that more authors who may not have the upfront budget can take advantage of. This is made even more interesting by the fact that Amazon has now become brick and mortar!



Romance is still big and Indie/Self-Published authors rule this genre. For many readers, the price is right and there are a ton of great indie romance authors out there!



SciFi and Mystery are indie strong! Those genres are also strong in audio books. So writers in those genres who haven’t gone audio, there’s definitely room there.



Young Adult is also very strong for Indies AND there is traction for print YA books. 30% of YA fiction readers go print! That’s huge considering that the other genres I mentioned here here are in the single digits.




After #OscarsSoWhite movement, I understand more, from an author perspective, just how traditional publishers have under-served the genre and its authors. This proves it as 71% of AfAm Fiction is self-published/indie and 4% are from the big 5 publishing houses.



These are sub-genres that have potential. So for any fiction and non fiction authors looking for opportunities, see this list and see what you can do.

This report is also extremely useful in helping authors market books in a way that really helps them to be seen. You could find keywords and terms that you can use in your search engine marketing. Author earnings is definitely worth subscribing to!


Read the FULL report here at Author Earnings. It is worth the read


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