Getting Ready For A Book Launch? Do A Countdown!

Your book is formatted, cover designed, promo events lined up. You’re doing a pre-order but aren’t quite sure how to convey that in an ad. The idea of updating ads daily is daunting. You need something more…dynamic. Something that will build up the urgency. Ever thought of using Countdown ads?

This is one of my favorite functions as I’ve used it with my e-commerce business. Basically, you can program your ad to create a sense of urgency that automatically tells readers that your book, Steampunk Mayhem, goes live in 5 days, 4 days…


Countdown uses quick snipped of code that’s easy to insert. Remember Keyword Insertion? It’s basically the same function that’s initiated by the ‘{‘.

AdWords For Authors Blog - TwitticusMktg - Countdown Function
Just enter ‘{‘ in your ad headline

After you select Countdown, you’re presented with a dialog box that asks you for information:

AdWords For Authors - TwitticusMktg - Countdown Function

The syntax section gives you an idea of what to enter.

In your headline of your text ads you may have something like:

Steampunk Mayhem Live In 5 days

Order Your Copy Today!

You can put Countdown function anywhere in the ad but remember that the headlines are meant to grab attention and there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to read the description. So start it off with the Countdown

Also, if you want to start it five days out, then that’s the default. If you want to do 7, 8, 10 days out, it’s up to you. Keep in mind that you’re trying to create a sense of urgency so having something advertised 30-days out may not do that.


So, What do you think of the Countdown function? Comment below



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