How to Make Practical Use of AdWords Opportunities

YellowbulbWhen I first started with AdWords, I didn’t know what I was doing. So, when I learned enough to know what that little yellow flash bulb icon next to my campaign meant, I took full advantage of the opportunities because AdWords was Google and Google knew what they were doing more than I did, right? I’m still laughing about that one…


Don’t get me wrong, they know what they’re doing. After all, they created this system but to assume they knew more about my data, my account, than I did was my mistake. I took advantage of the opportunities and loaded my account with keywords that they should give me more impressions and clicks. As a result, I wound up with a lot of unwanted traffic that cost me money that I could have been using for more relevant traffic if I had just been more selective. I have approximately 2,000 keywords across two accounts and I’m one of the highly conservative ones.

It used to be many more.

  • So my advice to you on the opportunities you’ll see in your AdWords account every once in a while:
  • View them – This means taking opening up the opportunities and taking a look at the keywords in the proposed groups. If your book is about dystopian steampunk, you should not have fantasy fiction in there. Relevance is key so make sure you pick, choose, and refuse.
  • Beware of duplicates – Unfortunately, that’s a problem I allowed to happen and I’m still cleaning it up. These opportunity suggestions have a lot of duplicates. If you’re doing broad match types, your keyword, steampunk novel will trigger novel about steampunk, steampunk novels, even steampunk fiction book. So, made sure you’re not loading up your account with duplicates or it will cost you too much.
  •  Check your search terms first – Once you’ve gotten some traction, you’ll be able to access the search terms section of your dashboard and see what other people are using to trigger your ads. If you see one term being used about four times, that’s a clue that keyword should be in your account. You can add it as a phrase match or even an exact match if you feel confident enough.

One of the best things you can do for your budget and your sanity is to keep an eye on your keywords. The opportunities are useful but don’t trade your desire for more traffic over relevance. Stick to your niche and it will make you and your account better in the long run.

If the system recommends that you create more ad groups from existing keywords, that’s fine. I have done that plenty of times and it’s worked out well as I can see what’s working and what’s not.




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