Exploring The New AdWords Experience & Price Extensions

I got an email a while ago telling me that when I logged into one of my accounts, I would see the “New AdWords Experience.” Curious cat that I am, I decided to check it out and discovered another little new snippet

Price Extensions Now Available

Logging into one account, I saw that Price Extensions was now available. Now, I’m glad to see that as an online seller but as an author, I’m not sure just how that would be beneficial unless you were having a sale and even then, you would probably opt for the Countdown function and a few ads. But let me not prejudge it because, after all, any tool to help is one that should (and will be) explored. Now, if this was the new experience, I wasn’t too impressed.

Then I Saw It

I decided to check out my next account and well, THAT is what the big deal was.

Now, we’re used to this interface:

AdWords For Authors - Check out the new AdWords Experience and Price Extensions


Not a bad interface and I’ve gotten used to it. But when I saw the new one, that was when I knew just how much more ergonomic it could be:


Everything on the top was now conveniently on the side and I could get to most of the tools pretty easily. The best part is the ability to get to the audiences and all my targeting on the left. It definitely feels smoother, more natural clicking on the left.

I’m also able to access opportunities more seamlessly because it felt like such a mission to get to them, having the entire screen change, then having to navigate back. I never realized I’d feel the weight of that until I saw this new interface.

Same thing goes for the calendar that was bigger and now with two columns versus one really long one. I definitely want to see how this feels on my tablet as it used to get so annoying that my language would get more colorful than usual.

Again, love this side menu and I can easily get to what I need to without having the screen do a full, hard refresh.

But the one thing that got me was getting rid of redundant key words. Before, when I got that email, I was taken to a screen where I could do nothing. Well, now, I’m given the list of redundant keywords and the ability to get rid of them right there. It’s very convenient.

As you can see this is in Alpha. If you’re not seeing this new interface (as of April 2017), I’m not sure when they’ll unveil it but I plan to put in my two cents worth of feedback…after I stop mooning over the pretty new look.

What are your biggest peeves about your AdWords Experience?
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