AdWords For Authors

Helping Independent/Self-Published Authors And Creatives Use AdWords SEM To Get The Word Out

About Aw4A

AdWords for Authors is about helping authors get the word out about their books with AdWords. While AdWords is more geared towards traditional businesses, such as e-commerce sites, there are many incredibly useful targeted advertising tools that authors can to drive potential readers to their books and events.

Through this blog, authors will be able to get tips and learn more about the AdWords Search Engine Marketing system and how it can help us in our book marketing and author branding journey. It’s all about using this SEM in a way that makes sense for authors. While this blog is mostly for non/fiction authors, such as myself, other creatives such as bloggers, photographers, cake designers, basically micro/small business owners who may want to get into AdWords advertising but are a little lost or skittish may also find the posts useful

Dianne Dixon